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In the year 2003: SCUM BAFFLE FOR MCGM

Problem: Asia’s Largest Sewerage & Waste Water Treatment Facility at Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai was constructed by M/s. Gammon India Ltd., The project was under arbitration for one of the reason was Provision of Floating Scum Baffle in grit chamber. The purpose was to arrest the floating and organic material from the effluent pumping station and send the unpolluted water to the sea, maintaining the dissolved oxygen content as per MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) norms, protect the living organisms near the sea bed and avoid spreading of stink. As the MOC (Material of Construction) and its operation were unclear, it became a difficult task for M/s. Gammon India Ltd. M/s. Binnie & Partners India Ltd. (Consultant) and MCGM (Client) to find a suitable product which could solve this problem. 

Solution: ARHAM though were not relevant with this terminology but were confident in providing a solution to the above problem. After a series of discussion, M/s. Gammon were confident that ARHAM is the only company as compare to other vendors who can provide a suitable solution to their requirement.

They provided following solutions step wise as under

1) In their first option, they have designed the baffle in Wooden Structure which can act as a float and arrest the scum. But the solution was not accepted by the Consultant as the grit chamber was too long to have a monolithic structure and withstand the water pressure.

2) The second option was designed in HDPE material. But the same was rejected by MCGM as during maintenance or removal of scum from the grit chamber, the material may get damaged due to impact of the crane and required a rigid structure

3) Finally after the joint meeting, our proposal of designing the Scum Baffle from the Composite of Steel and FRP was accepted which can overcome the above problems and efficiently work as a floating baffle. The above Baffle was designed based on the Archimedes Principle, half immersed in water and half above top water level.

However, though the designed was approved by all, the Rectangular Steel sections used in their design were difficult to obtain readily from the market. Those too were drawn from the circular tubes and were Hot dip galvanized. The rectangular steel sections were filled with PUF to avoid any penetration of water during leakages if any. To avoid any corrosion, the steel baffle was encapsulated with FRP material completely. The baffle was guided by heavy duty SS pipes and accessories with the vertical movement of 1mtr approx.

The Scum baffle was fabricated totally on the designed based on mathematical calculations. As they (ARHAM) did not have any facility to test this huge structure. 

Everyone was present during the Installation of this huge structure as none of them were sure whether it will act as a float and serve the purpose though mathematically is was perfect. 

ARHAM goodwill and investment was at stake. But the painstaking work and confidence in them proved success in their design. It worked as required. That moment was unforgettable in the History of ARHAM 

All of them (the Contractor, Consultant and the Client) accredited ARHAM for this unique achievement. A never before, this Indian technology compelled the International magazine to take note of it. Along with the Credential received from them, the article was also published in many local News Paper, viz: Metro Midday, Janmabhoomi and Samkalin. The product, Scum Baffle, is also patented.