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Our forte is delivering innovative composites technology solutions.

Most great company starts with humble beginnings. Arham is no exception. The new breed in Reinforced Composite led Arham to focus on the design and manufacturing of the products such as Ladder, Telescopic Trolley, Instrument enclosure, OFC Junction box, Panels, Handrails and many more custom mould products. Arham’s clientele includes renowned industries such as Indian Railways, Tata Steel, Reliance, L&T, BPCL, RCF, Udhe India to name a few.

Arham offers engineering solution, design assistance, product development, tooling fabrication and composite fabrication. We are your partner to ensure your project success.

Our Products

we are expert in

FRP Fire Extinguisher

FRP Fire Extinguisher Boxes are in wide demand in every sector, be it residential, commercial, or industrial.

Motor Cover

ARHAM offers a wide range of FRP Motor Canopy to suite LT and HT Motors...

Instrument Protection Box

ARHAM offers a wide range of FRP Grating, Open Molded, and Pultruded Grating...


ARHAM Frp Handrail System is the best substitute the conventional Steel systems...


ARHAM offers wide range of Standard Frp Panel, Fiberglass Panel Enclosure,...


All our Ladders are designed and made to meet the applicable standards & requirements...
Wall Support Ladders - Arham Composite

All our Ladders are designed and made to meet the applicable standards & requirements….                                                                                  

Instrument Protection Box - Arham Composite
frp - grp Instrument protection box

At Arham, we are your leading FRP GRP Instrument Protection Box Manufacturer, dedicated to ….                                                                            

FRp - grp Motor Covers

We are a top-tier FRP GRP Motor Cover manufacturer, with three types of variants viz…..                                                                     


At Arham, we are reputed as the leading FRP GRP Handrails Manufacturer. With deep expertise in developing….                                             


Arham is the premiere FRP GRP Panels Manufacturer, mastering in the design, production, and supply of….                                                       


Arham , your leading  FRP GRP Fire Extinguisher Box Manufacturer. We are committed to developing industry-leading ….                                     


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