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Arham , your leading  FRP GRP fire extinguisher box manufacturer. We are committed to developing industry-leading FRP GRP fire extinguisher boxes that ensure security in everyday situations. Our knowledge, innovation, and world-class service set us apart as a trusted name in the safety industry.

Founded with a vision of creating highly durable, innovative and cost-effective fire safety solutions, Arham Composites has grown into a pioneering FRP GRP fire extinguisher box manufacturer. We focus on incomparable quality, utilising advanced technology to create products that comply with global safety standards.

Esteemed as a distinguished FRP GRP fire extinguisher box manufacturer, our offerings speak for themselves. Weather resistant, rust-proof, and durable, our FRP GRP fire extinguisher boxes are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. With an easy installation process and low maintenance requirements, our products are a top pick for industries worldwide.

Our world-class services go beyond manufacturing FRP GRP fire extinguisher boxes. We offer comprehensive solutions that include design consultation, technical assistance, installation guidance, and after-sales services. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with any queries regarding our FRP GRP fire extinguisher boxes.

As a leading FRP GRP fire extinguisher box manufacturer, we prioritise safety, reliability, and excellence above all. Our fire extinguisher boxes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed international quality standards.

At Arham , sustainability is central to what we do. From sourcing to manufacturing, we employ eco-friendly processes to manufacture our FRP GRP fire extinguisher boxes, proving that superior industrial products don’t have to come at the expense of our planet.

Get in touch with us today and discover why Arham is the preferred FRP GRP fire extinguisher box manufacturer for businesses around the world. We look forward to providing you with safety solutions that you can rely on.

Discover Arham – Your trusted FRP GRP fire extinguisher box manufacturer.

Industrial Application

Tech Specs:

Tensile strength

As per ASTM D 638 Typical Value 180 Kh/cm2


Self-Extinguishes within 30 sec


Post office Red (RAL DS 160-8008)

Water Absorption

0.8% (max) as per ASTM D 570

Load Capacity

Withstand up to 100 kgs of external load 1

Technical Property

Resistant to acidic environment including continuous exposure to up to 70 C 2. Resistant to microbial growth 3.UV resistance, no colour distortion even after prolonged exposure in sunlight