Pole Mounted Junction Box

Pole Mounted Junction Box

Arham Pole mount JB / Enclosure System Offers Integrated Smart Cabinets For Smart City Projects, Safe City Projects, City Wifi, CCTV-Surveillance Projects. These Smart City Junction Boxes / Slave JB can also be equipped with 1KVA Online UPS with 42AH/65AH/26Ah (1 Battery+1 UPS), PDU (Power Distribution Unit) as per clients requirement.

The Smart City Junction Boxes / Slave JB can also be provided with Thermostat Controlled Cooling Fans and LED Light On Door Opening.

Equipment’s viz: UPS and Battery etc can also be provided as per clients requirement

The Standard accessories in these Smart City JB’s are 2/4 FAN, Equipment Shelf, Cable managers, Pole Mount kit, Fresh air suction snap type filters, Cable Entry PG Glands, Single/Dual Locks With Pad Lock Provision for additional security.

Foot mounted JB are also available which can be placed next to the CCTV camera pole

Enclosures with IP65 and IP66 type of Protection can also be manufactured as per clients requirement