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  • How can we increase the efficiency of an Industrial Motors in a running plant?
July 20, 2021

Normally there are two aspect of improving an efficiency of an industrial motors

Increasing its operational efficiency:

The basic idea behind electric motors is pretty simple – supply electricity at one end and a metal rod or an axle at the other end, which will provide you with power to drive a machine. This traditional form of generating electricity has now been in existence for more than 200 years and is now an advanced technical breakthrough in the field of power generation and industrial automation.

The manufacturing industry in today’s market dominates the industrial sphere. In this sector, a major portion of power is consumed to convert raw materials into finished goods. It is a mandatory resource, as over 50% of the work in today’s manufacturing plant is attained by electric motors or new-age servo motors per a research study to understand the electricity consumption trends, this percentage will continue to increase to sustain the production rate in the future.

Thus, it’s not really all that surprising that the production and manufacturing sector is dependent on electric motors. It’s essential to ensure that motors are adequately protected. If you follow this, then it will provide you with maximum operating time and cut down on any chance of outages. With these complex industrial setups, improperly protected motors might result in unexpected production downtime, losses, and breakdowns in the machinery.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, over the last few decades, a major amount of resources have been deployed to make the operating systems even more efficient. The control manufacturers are mainly involved in the development of improved motor protection devices.

Moreover, to ensure motor protection, overload relays are used in circuits to protect motors and motor conductors. This saves the system from any damage caused by prolonged periods of overcurrent circuit conditions.

In the end, the integration of proper servo motors can turn out to be quite beneficial, as it will ensure that the system of power management is optimised to the fullest. This will ensure that little to no problems are faced by businesses further down the line, ultimately leading to a situation where the goal of proper power management can be accomplished very quickly.

Protecting the motor from external elements:

Usually many industries have a tendency to ignore the safety of motor operations from external elements (overhead chemical leakage, rain, UV rays, sudden impact etc.) and are concerned to minimize the capex. But they forget to understand that it may increase the maintenance cost every year.

A very simple and economical way to protect the motors is to provide a shelter externally. The shelter may be of

a)   Plastic/polythene sheets tied with a rope or band – this is the most easy way to cover the motors and prevent from any foreign attacks to some extent. However, still the threat of sudden impact prevails. This may create a havoc or mishap. Even during maintenance, the maintenance of plastic sheet is a tedious job.

b)   Providing canopy with proper ventilation – the canopy usually in the present days are usually made up of Fiberglass also know as FRP. As this material is corrosion resistant, light weight and robust This is the ideal way of protecting the motors to run at its optimize efficiency and prevent the motors from all major types of external elements attacks. Even during maintenance, its becomes very easy for the service person to remove and re-install the canopy.

Thus by protecting Industrial motors, the production capacity of the plants may  be increased exponentially and with less maintenance cost 

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