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FRP Fire Extinguisher

FRP Fire Extinguisher Boxes are in wide demand in every sector, be it residential, commercial or industrial. FRP/ GRP Fire Extinguisher boxes are highly anti corrosive in nature, high tensile strength and electrically neutral up to 60KV making is safe and durable. Our array is developed as per the predefined guidelines of ISO 9001 :2015 standards. Highly functional, our fire boxes are used to keep fire extinguisher ranging from 2 kg to 6 kg.

Industrial Application

Tech Specs:

Tensile strength

As per ASTM D 638 Typical Value 180 Kh/cm2


Self-Extinguishes within 30 sec


Post office Red (RAL DS 160-8008)

Water Absorption

0.8% (max) as per ASTM D 570

Load Capacity

Withstand up to 100 kgs of external load 1

Technical Property

Resistant to acidic environment including continuous exposure to up to 70 C 2. Resistant to microbial growth 3.UV resistance, no colour distortion even after prolonged exposure in sunlight